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Each Company has own culture for management of company regardless of its Quality bad or good.

それぞれの会社にはそれぞれの仕組みと文化が形成され 企業として日々運営されています。

However it is a wisdom that “Human is brought up its capability by company” and “Company strongly must rely on staff’s performance for its prosperity.

但し 昔も今も「企業は人なり」「人は企業によって育てられる」は 不変です。

GGJ can provide a practical and effective training which best suit to each company’s style and support to improve working efficiency of entire organization of company.

GGJはこの原理 原則を主体にして そしてそれぞれの会社に適した方法の実践的なトレーニングを行い全ての部門の労働生産性を改善するサポートをします。

  • 5S Improvement Training
  • Communication Skill Enhancement Training
  • Process Improvement & Cost Down Training
  • Human Motivation Enhancement Training
  • Japanese Culture and Business Way Training
  • Any Required Training upon Request
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